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Architectural Ceiling Domes, Ceiling Medallions & Wall Niches

Fiberglass, Gypsum & Polyurethane Ceiling Domes for Sale

When interior decorators add lighting accents to a foyer, entrance hall or vestibule they often think of a architectural ceiling dome with recessed lighting.  Some ceiling designs call for recessed ceiling domes that form into the ceiling with inner depth requirement.  While others ask for surface mount ceiling dome designs that lay flat on the surface of the ceiling without cutting into sheet rock and framing of house or building; which helps reduce costs and makes installing your ceiling dome a breeze. offers a variety of ceiling dome sizes and building materials.  We offer frp ceiling domes from 3’ to 7’ standard sizes and custom grg ceiling domes to fit any size needed for any project.  Fiberglass domes are supplied in one piece construction for easy installation.  They are lightweight, yet extremely durable.  While gypsum domes are made in pie pieces and built on site. Pie pieces allow installers the ability to build any size ceiling dome on site without any special forklift or other heavy lifting equipment.  Finally, we have standard polyurethane ceiling domes that come standard, and are decorative and very beautiful. 

With a few different lighting options, from recessed lighting with dimmer switch to the all so popular fiber optic lighted dome star field packages. Fiber optic ceiling domes come with spinning color wheel option to mimic the night sky with different colored stars, " you can even add a shooting star".  Any of our architectural ceiling domes will add charm and delight to any room setting.  We can custom build any ceiling project with GRG whether it is a ceiling dome, molding trim, architectural columns or most interior details.  See custom gypsum ceiling domes page for more information or call or email our sale department for details. 


Fiberglass Ceiling Domes (FRP)


Standard fiberglass ceiling dome designs add that detail with a unique look and style today's discerning home and business owner is looking for.

Standard Size: 3' to 7'



Fiberglass Ceiling Dome

Gypsum Ceiling Domes (GRG)

Custom gypsum ceiling domes are built to order. We will take your design idea and turn it into reality. Our GRG ceiling domes come in pie pieces for easy assembly and installation.

Any Size

Gypsum Ceiling Domes

Polyurethane Ceiling Domes

Originally carved in wood or cast in plaster, our domes are specially manufactured of polyester resin and fiberglass.



Recessed Ceiling Dome

Recessed Lighting Cove / Light Shelf

Expand your design with the element of light. Add a light shelf and embellish your ceiling dome with a variety of recessed lighting options.

Recessed Lighting Cove Light Shelf

Fiber Optic Lighting Ceiling Domes

Brighten the room with a majestic fiber optic star ceiling dome. Factory installed in the dome for ease of final installation.

Fiber Optic Star Lighting Ceiling Domes

Recessed Ceiling Domes

Recessed ceiling domes made from high-grade polyurethane and a few fiberglass ceiling dome designs. 


Hillcock Ceiling Dome 153050

Surface Mount Ceiling Domes

Surface mount ceiling domes made from high-grade polyurethane. 


Surface Mount Ceiling Dome

Decorative Ceiling Medallions

Polyurethane Ceiling Medallions are used to create a sense of ambience and atmosphere. Most often they adorn chandeliers in entry ways, dining rooms, banquet halls and ceiling fan decorations.


Ceiling Medallions

Wall Niches

Decorative Wall Niches were common in older houses. Often they were used to hold the home's telephone. While the necessity for this item has gone, many people like the classic look of these wall niches. Today, they are easier to install because they're made of pre-cast fiberglass or resin.


Decorative Wall Niches

Architectural Columns

Architectural Columns, Porch Posts, Fiberglass, Gypsum & Concrete Column Styles

Balustrade Systems

Balustrade Systems, Balusters, Newel Posts, Newel Caps and Balustrade Railings

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